Friday, December 24, 2010

Famous Dutch artist : Vincent van Gogh

If anybody ask me the name of few greatest painters in the word? Really one name I could not missed out and that is Vincent van Gogh Really a great Dutch artist in 19th century more over we can say that the artist belongs to post impressionist period. van Gogh born born on 30 March 1853 in North Brabant today’s Zundert. Van Gogh has 5 siblings his father was a pastor of Dutch Reformed Church.

Van Gogh School Life

He has attend the local school in Zundert and then sent to the boarding school in Zevenbergen at that time he was just eleven years old. Despite of good progress in school Van Gogh left the school for unknown reason. After few days according to his family wish he has joined Hague branch of the art dealer where his uncle cent was a shareholder.

Work Experiences and Career Attempts

Van Gogh attempted many jobs like assistant teacher at a school in Ramsgate, book seller and Priest etc. but he never get satisfied with these profession and struggled to make a living as an artist till his death.

Vincent van Gogh and His Painting Career

He has painted around 900 Unique paintings between November 1881 and July 1890 and surprising thing is that Van Gogh sold out only one painting “The Red Vineyard” out of these 900 and that also happen just before their death. He died at the age of 37(Actually committed suicide on 29 July 1890) and never become famous painter during his whole life time. Just after death of Van Gogh his brother Theo wrote one letter to his sister Elizabeth about Van Gogh’s legacy as a great artist. Van Gogh’s paintings are very impressive as it immediately captured heart of millions of art lovers. van Gogh's most famous paintings includes The potato eaters, sun flower, Starry night, Irises, Poppies etc.

The Van Gogh Paintings Which I love

I like its sunflower paintings which is theme based collection of twelve painting.Its first series was painted by Van Gogh in 1887 in Paris and second one was executed in Arles, 1888.

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