Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pablo Picasso : The Cubist Painter & Sculptor

Pablo Picasso was  well known painter,  draughtsman, and sculptor he was born October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain and  spend most of his adult life in France. Picasso established cubism and produced around 20,000 monumental artwork in his 70 years of career. He was very famous in his life time even Michelangelo also could not attain this much popularity. Picasso dominated western art in the 20th century with his great paintings. Basically cubism (branch of  Abstract Paintings )  movement is not scientific or intellectual way of art rather we can say it is inner beautiful inspiration of Picasso to molding  the traditional art.

Early Life

Pablo Picasso had great passion towards arts from early childhood his mother used to say that the first words he used to utter was “piz piz”  which is  shortening of lapiz ,spanish word for pencil. He had received formal artistic training from his father which includes oil painting and figure drawing. In 1891 Pablo Picasso's father moved to  a Coruna where he had been working as  professor of school of arts. One day he had observe his son Pablo was working on his unfinished sketch of pigeon at that time his father came to know the talent of his son. He understood his son had surpassed him and decided to giving up the paintings.

After completion of study Pablo travelled to Paris in 1900 Europe's art capital. In France he had met with  poet and journalist Max Jacob who had teached him French language and literature. Very soon they became good friend and also shared apartment.

Until 1901 picasso lived in Madrid with the help of  Francisco de Asís Soler picasso established one magazine by name Arte Joven means young art total 5 issues of this magazine was published where Picasso illustrate the stories expressing sympathy for poor.  In 1944 Picasso  started relationship with Françoise Gilot who is 40 years younger than picasso and had two children with her. in 1953 this relationship came to end.

Pablo Picasso died  on 8 April 1973 in  French town of Mougins while entertaining friends for dinner with wife Jacqueline.

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